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The Customer Profit Maxim

Released in September 2013

Available via Amazon and various other book sellers.

Authors: Marcel Wiedenbrugge, Wil Wurtz

The Customer Profit Maxim is the result of more than four years of collaboration and exchanging knowledge, ideas and experience with Dutch CRM expert Wil Wurtz. The book started with the idea to integrate credit management and customer relationship management (CRM). During this process, the book evolved into the description of a holistic value based business model. The book contains many easy to understand and practical graphical models, which also helps the reader to master the subject quickly.

Some of the topics that are addressed in this packed-with-models book: 

  • The Customer Relationship Balance: a unique and simple structured approach to determine the productivity of  customer relationships)  
  • The Customer Value Balance Sheet: a model to determine the profitability of the a customer based on revenues,   costs and financial risk. 
  • Customer segmentation based on risk and value 
  • Analysis of payment behavior and the impact on customer value 
  • Customer based accounting 
  • Integration into the organisation 
  • A calculation model to determine in which customers to invest 

The Customer Profit Maxim offers a structured approach to enhance sustainable (qualitative and quantitative) growth, to optimize your customer portfolio, to become more cash flow positive and to become more profitable. In summary, building a financially, operationally and commercially sustainable business..

See also: www.customerprofitmaxim.com 


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