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What is Happy Customers Faster Cash about?

The International Happy Customers Faster Cash project intends to spread the concept of financial Customer Relationship Management (fCRM).  The book is a learning tool for people engaged in the credit process, showing them how to get paid on time while maintaining and enhance customer relationships. It addresses topics such as (integrated) credit management, overdue invoices, dealing with excuses for late payment, handling complaints and other related topics. Each country edition actually consists of two books:

   1.  The basic version (Western Europe perspective and experience)

       2. Three extensive chapters about credit management, business culture and communication in a    

            specific country

Each edition provides provides (the same) graphs and tables to help guide the reader in a step by step learning process. As a result the reader can easily map in where he/she is with his/her company and direction from your own starting point.

Though Happy Customers Faster cash is written in a generic way, each country has its own specific rules with regard to credit management, business culture and business communication. Therefore numerous co-authors around the world are working on creating localized versions of this book.

Which editions are available / in progress?

Currently the following co-authors have been working on or are working on localized editions of Happy Customers Faster Cash 

 Name co-author                        

 Country  / Edition                                                               
 Eric Emantier  Francein progress
 Michael C. Dennis United States of America   completed *
 Declan Flood Ireland completed *
 Minesh Gandhi India completed *
 Lebogang Mogotlhwane Botswana in progress 
 Panos Psomas Greece completed *
 Marco Rosales  Mexico completed *
 Andriy Sichka  Eastern Europe (Belarus, Moldova, Russia,  Ukraine)completed *
 Ludo Theunissen Belgium completed *
 Alexander Lo Hong Kong completed *
 Alexander Lo Taiwancompleted *
 Alexander Lo  Chinacompleted *
 Marc Vergroessen New Zealandin progress 
 Marcel Wiedenbrugge The Netherlandsin progress
  Chinain progress

* Click on the link to go to the related Amazon page to find more information and/or order the book.

You can follow developments on Happy Customers Faster Cash via the active HCFC LinkedIn group and via  Facebook (Home of Happy Customers).

At the end of the day, everybody wants to get paid on time after a correct delivery has taken place. However, in a world were selling on open account terms becomes more and more common, we need to make sure that customers are able and willing to pay us within the terms that have been agreed upon. Therefore sound collaboration between credit management and sales is essential. HCFC serves you with sound and practical insights from sales, credit management and customer service and provides examples on how to deal with various situations in an effective and customer oriented way. Getting paid on time, but also keeping a good relationship with your customers. 

If you expert in business to business credit management in another country than the ones listed above and you like to become a co-author, please send an email with your experience and motivation to marcel.wiedenbrugge@wcmconsult.com 

For more information about corporate sales and the corporate edition, go to Corporate Sales.



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