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Happy Customers Faster Cash

Happy Customers Faster Cash is a one day training & interactive program for B2B organizations, that can be tailored to the needs of your credit management team.

The training is especially aimed at operational credit control or credit management teams,  In one sentence this training / workshop is about getting paid on time, while keep and growing a good relationship with your customers. As introduced in the book Happy Customers Faster Cash, we call this 'financial Customer Relationship Management', in short fCRM. 

The training is pragmatic and based on many years of experience in account management, (operational) credit management and (technical) customer service management.  




      • Credit Management in general: the (integrated) role and function of credit management. 

      • Dunning Strategies (depending on your needs - tailor made adjustment of the program is possible).      

      • Credit Management and Customer Service.

      • Effective communication in credit control (based on the book 'Hebben ze al betaald?' and the English          

        adaptation 'Happy Customers Faster Cash').

      • The importance of complaint management.  

      • What can we learn from others (relevant case studies)?



What did attendees say about this training?


Ø  Openness issues (personal)

Ø  Focused on company strategy

Ø  Teambuilder

Ø  Informative, instructive, learning from each other

Ø  Extensive

Ø  Good interaction / interactive 

Ø  Engaging

Ø  Being open about weaknesses / problems

Ø  Clear powerpoint

Ø  Good tools for the future

Ø  Helpful to improve working within credit control




WCMConsult, Schoolstraat 27, 3581PP, Utrecht, The Netherlands, T: 0031 6 4590 2601  |  marcel.wiedenbrugge@wcmconsult.com