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 The Customer Profit Maxim

This B2B program is an integrated holistic approach to optimize customer value and enhance collaboration between finance and commerce in a structured, productive, profitable and sustainable way. The ultimate goal of this one day workshop is to learn financial and commercial concepts that will help you to increase customer and company value and enhance productive collaboration between your financial and commercial team.



For more information you can also visit: www.customerprofitmaxim.com   

Key elements of this program are:


  • CRM and customer value / The Customer Relationship Balance model™
  • Customer segmentation: a simple but effective approach based on the Customer Relationship Matrix model (value of the customer vs. value for the customer).
  • Financial topics: credit management, credit risk, payment behavior / late payment risk, working capital, cash   flow, costs, customer based accounting.
  • Customer) service and complaint management and the impact of complaints on the business process (financial, customer relationship, your bottom line).
  • Cross functional communication & collaboration: how to implement it into the organization
  • Operational efficiency : (root cause) analysis of processes, procedures, IT solutions)
  • Organisation: people, processes and systems, (potential) constraints, dealing with targets, priorities and goals
  • [optional] software solutions & concepts that support the integrated approach (focus: credit management   software).
  • Creating sustainable value and business continuity


Less words, more graphics and models (which you can easily remember)

The whole program is based on graphical models and flow charts, that will be presented in a logical sequence, so you will gain insight that is easy to remember and to apply. Therefore the things you learn during this one day workshop are: 

  •         practical (based on practical experience)
  •         easy to understand for a wide audience (finance, sales, service)
  •         easy to remember (no long lists of bullet points)
  •         easy to implement (structured generic approach)

This program will effectively help you to better understand in which customers to invest and to provide concepts to enhance productive communication  and collaboration between finance, service, sales and marketing, leading to a more consistent customer journey along all touch pionts. The insights you will gain from this program are based on real life experience and thorough research in multiple areas such as marketing, sales, customer service, logistics, credit management, finance and IT.


Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is especially useful for people working for B2B organizations at various business units and in different roles such as sales, marketing, service,  finance and credit management. The program is suitable for both senior management level as well as people who are active in operations. Since this program is a holistic approach, in fact anyone in an organization can benefit from this program. The content especially focuses on medium and large size organizations.


What programs are available?

This program is available in the following versions:


  • One day program
  • Compact program (1/2 day)
  • Presentation 1-2 hours


All programs are suited for both in-house and public. For the in-house program: this program will be adapted to the client’s wishes and specific organizational requirements and/or goals.


What did attendees say about this workshop?

Good basic context / CRM is integrated

Good to sit together with credit management and the business

Customer / CRM approach from within the company

Collaboration and sharing of interests of departments and roles

Differentiated colllection approach per customer

Well presented clear presentation, good performance

What is credit management and how can you improve it

Models (sticky information)

No ''bullet slides'' but pictures / graphs

Eye opener / focus on collaboration to establish continuity, solution as well as better results and improvement of relationships

''You already know it'', but to emphasize it is really good

Relationship between credit & business

Relevant examples / stories – interesting

Awareness business process towards credit control

Initiate interaction between credit control and the business




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