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The report Credit management, finance and doing business in Asia Pacific – China edition is the result of extensive and continuous online and offline research for quality sources of information on China. The goal of this ongoing market research is to provide business people a better understanding of developments of in credit (risk) management,  finance and doing business in China. 


The main topics of this research relate to trends and/or developments in China with regard to: 

  • Doing business in general / trends and developments / social / economic / cultural
  • Credit (risk) management, including credit information and credit insurance providers
  • Due diligence and financial analysis of Chinese companies, including (accounting) fraud
  • Finance, in particular working capital, treasury, cash / liquidity management,
  • Law, especially contract law, dispute resolution and intellectual property rights
  • Taxation, invoicing
  • Financial developments, in particular working capital, treasury and cash management
  • Sourcing, including backshoring 
  • eCommerce and consumer trends and developments

 The full China report contains more than 300 pages packed with relevant links to and short description of: articles, research, white papers, (relevant) discussions, insider information and other practical information. 

The information (focus on B2B) is especially useful for companies who - like to - sell their products or services to one of those countries and especially China. 


The China report can be bought as a whole or in sections. Prices are on request.

This research specifically focuses on China. Other countries that have been investigated are: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, (South) Korea, Malaysia,  New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. 


The methods that have been used to carry out this research are:


  • Desk Research: extensive research via internet : a wide variety of resources (Google, branch organizations, Linkedin, local and global business sources, etc.)
  • Field research: meetings with local business people (especially Hong Kong, to some extent China)
  • Personal Business network in Credit (Risk) Management, references (contacts by phone, email, internet)
  • Direct contact with various companies and service providers, such as: credit information providers, consulates, government agencies


All information in this report and web links has been read, checked (sometimes cross –and/or double checked) and judged / interpreted for relevancy and shortly summarized. As such you can quickly scroll through information and sources that are relevant to you.


The information in this market research has been presented in an as clear as possible way. Tables and sometimes graphics have been used to increase readability. The many web links enable the reader  to quickly jump to a topic of specific interest (internet access is of course required). Special attention is paid to indicate the relevance of a topic for the reader due to the (huge) differences between the target markets and the availability of information, of course each market or country should be interpreted individually.


This report, or parts of it, is interesting for: 

  • Business people with a (too) busy agenda 
  • Market research departments
  • Consultants
  • Every business who is thinking about doing business / selling to in China


  • Save Time. Information is presented in a clear and accessible way and always refers to the most direct source / location.  


  • Get an overview. Information is categorized, so you can easily find the information that is relevant for your business needs.
  • Gain  Insight. Where necessary, comments are made so the reader can quickly determine what kind of information can be found in a specific report or article. 


Of course not one source of information is fully independent or unbiased, but we try to check the quality of the information as good as possible.

However, keep in mind that China is a complex and high risk environment. If you are new to this market, always work with experts with up to date local knowledge. This will prevent you from making costly mistakes and help you to better succeed in entering and staying alive the Chinese market. 


'' We requested WCMConsult to conduct a research about credit management in the Asia Pacific region. We were pleased with the results: WCMConsult delivered a detailed and comprehensive report, which was beyond our expectations. The information was very useful in determining our business strategy for the Asian region. ‘’

Dr. Michael Sauter

Managing Director Guardean GmbH ''






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